Rebecca is the product of wide experience at a high level. She has developed expertise you will not find in someone else. All your office needs satisfied by one person. Rebecca is the cool-headed administrator who knows where everything is; she is fast and accurate at producing documents, always on time, careful and with a quiet maturity that generates confidence…as it did in me.

John Miller

Consultant, JDK Legal

Hi, I’m Rebecca

I provide professional legal administrative support to solicitors and barristers. I’ve had many years of experience working for both large and small law firms in Sydney’s CBD in various areas of law including criminal, commercial/corporate, commercial litigation, trade marks, property, wills and estates.

I have always prided myself on my work ethic and efficiency. I’m a perfectionist and organisational Queen! I love to produce quality work and will correct your mistakes where needed and format your documents to perfection – always checking your instructions if something is not clear. I have a keen eye for detail – I do not type “principal” instead of “principle” or “council” instead of “counsel”. (In fact, I dare you to find even one typographical error in my work). I love feedback and learning the nuances of how you work, so that together we can achieve effective and efficient output.

Contact me today if you require support to get through your busy day. I’m so confident in my ability to make your life easier, I guarantee it to the highest standard.

Still not convinced? Read more about my wealth of experience via LinkedIn here, otherwise contact me to discuss how I can help you forward – whether it’s a one-off urgent task, overflow support, or an ongoing bespoke package.

The Law’s in your Court – put your Admin in mine!


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61 2 8005 8484 (by prior arrangement)

PO Box 297, Minto NSW 2566


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