Hourly rates are suited to clients who require services to be of an occasional ad-hoc nature.

Hourly rates are also suited to new clients who may not be sure about a long term commitment or just want to see whether our services are right for them before entering into a longer term contract or purchasing prepaid retainer hours.

Turnaround times for completion of work can be from 24 to 72 hours (unless otherwise negotiated) depending upon availability and the scope of work. Availability of time cannot be guaranteed for ad-hoc or short term clients on hourly rates.

All time worked is recorded and full descriptive time reports can be provided. A minimum of 15 minutes is recorded for any billable time but otherwise rounded up to the nearest 5 minutes. However, every endeavour is always made to complete tasks in bulk units of time.

Urgent requests for same day turnaround is billed at 1.5 times the usual hourly rate.

Clients who choose our hourly rate service and continue to receive services after a period of 3 months should consider entering into a monthly retainer of prepaid hours OR a bespoke package. The initial 3 month period will allow for any matters that arise about how we work together to be ironed out and by entering into a retainer or bespoke package assurance of our continuing availability is guaranteed. More importantly, your commitment to our service will ensure the continuity needed to cement a successful and ongoing working relationship for both you and us.

Payment terms under hourly rates are strictly 7 days billed fortnightly and new clients may be asked to pay a deposit. Payment of our invoices are not contingent upon receipt of funds from your own clients.

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