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How We Can Help

Discover a range of services offered by Lawfully Good to support your legal needs.


Get help managing your law firm's daily tasks and operations, so you can focus on practising law.


Simplify your billing process with our services. We help track hours, create invoices, and manage client payments for your law firm.


Leave the paperwork to us! We'll accurately prepare and format legal documents, saving you time and effort.


Let us help you keep your emails organised. We will sort your messages, respond promptly, and make sure your inbox is easy to manage.


Stay on top of your work with ease as we schedule your appointments, ensure your supplies are ready and keep everything neat and organised.


Our service converts important audio recordings into written documents. It helps document meetings, interviews, and court proceedings accurately.


Lawfully Good helps lawyers and legal professionals by providing them with expert administrative support. We make sure that their law practices are well-organised and have efficient systems in place. Our main aim is to help lawyers concentrate on what they do best, which is practising law.

If you’re a legal professional who needs extra help, Lawfully Good is here for you. We understand that certain tasks can take up a lot of your valuable time. Whether you work alone or have limited support within your office, we offer outsourcing services to assist with your Legal Practice Management needs. This way, you can focus more on providing excellent service to your clients.

You don’t need to worry if staying organised is tough or if you’re not sure how to handle administrative tasks. Lawfully Good is here to help! We’re experts at creating systems that keep things organised and we’ll give you the guidance you need to manage your tasks well. And if you want your documents to look professional and polished, we’ve got you covered.


Since 2017, we've provided legal admin support and advice. With over 30 years of experience in corporate, disputes, intellectual property, family, and criminal law, we confidently handle complex legal matters.


Whether you're a solo practitioner, small law firm, or barrister, we support and help you with your legal work. We are professional and always deliver on time to meet your administrative needs.


We provide solutions designed just for you, tailored to meet your specific needs. We find ways to make your practice work better and help you achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Professional administrative support

Lawfully Good sorting your admin overwhelm with the experience you ought to have!

Rebecca McLachlan

Legal Practice Manager

Rebecca is the principal of Lawfully Good. She has been working in the legal field for 30 years and her main job is to assist lawyers and legal professionals with their administrative tasks. She knows that lawyers often have a lot of work that isn’t directly related to helping their clients, and this can take up a lot of their time.

We can support you with the following services:

She provides valuable support to lawyers by assisting them with a wide range of tasks. This includes managing software, preparing documents, organising emails, drafting correspondence, and handling billing. Her goal is to save them time and let them focus on their main work.

Rebecca works remotely from the Lawfully Good office. She can also visit your location if you need her to (Sydney CBD and nearby areas).

Don’t lose clients because of disorganisation. Reach out to Rebecca to discuss the services, rates, and packages.

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