Lawfully Good provides professional administrative support to legal professionals who require their law practice organised and their admin systems flowing, so that they can get on with what they do best – the practice of law.

For the solicitor or barrister that needs that extra support, Lawfully Good is here to do those tasks that you do not have time for. So, if you are a solo practitioner or legal professional with very little in-house admin support, we can help you.

We are your outsourcing solution to supporting your legal administrative needs so that you can have more time to service your clients more effectively.

If you lack organisational or software skills to keep your admin systems under control or want your documents polished with a professional looking edge, you need us!

We can support you with the following services:

  • full service office management
  • upkeep of your legal practice management software
  • soft copy document organisation
  • transcription
  • preparing Court documents
  • formatting and proofreading advice letters and documents
  • template creation including automatic numbering convention setup
  • email management
  • drafting correspondence
  • client billing
  • and more

If you want your time back and your ‘law in order’ consult with Lawfully Good today.

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Rebecca is the Principal of Lawfully Good. As a Legal Administrative Consultant with 30 years of experience in the legal sector, Rebecca specialises in the practice of legal administrative support assisting solicitors and barristers to get their sanity back when too much non-client work means not enough funds coming in from paying clients.

Rebecca works with lawyers in solo practice or legal professionals who have very little in-house support and don’t have the time to do those setup or ongoing administrative tasks themselves.

Essentially, Rebecca supports you to free up your time and your busy legal lives from the boredom that is admin – upkeep of legal practice management software, preparing letters and Court documents, template creation, managing the dreaded inbox, drafting correspondence, client billing, and basically anything that keeps you away from your core area of practice.

You can consult with Rebecca on best admin practices, document management and other software systems and the like. If she does not have an immediate solution she will work diligently to find one.

Rebecca works independently and remotely from Lawfully Good’s office base and can attend onsite if needed and by prior arrangement (Sydney CBD and surrounds).

Ask Rebecca to help you organise, assist and plan your day to day administrative tasks and your overall practice management by utilising modern technology and software to help you and your legal practice.

Stop losing clients, be organised and get those client funds coming in.

CONTACT Rebecca if you would like to discuss our services, rates and packages.

Rebecca McLachlan

Rebecca McLachlan

Legal Administrative Consultant

0420 354 764

The Law’s in your Court – put your Admin in mine!

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